Universal Algebraic Logic

This page collects updates and relevant info concerning the book
H. Andréka, Z. Gyenis, I. Németi, and I. Sain, Universal Algebraic Logic, Birkhauser, 2022


  • p. 334, l.-10: in the second line of the proof of 2.2.8, Sg should be fraktur.
  • p. 153, line 3 of the proof of Claim 3.3.42: "powerset of F^P" should be "powerset of A". Two lines later: h_r instead of h.
  • p. 213, Theorem 4.4.12: First order logic with n variables L_n does NOT have the weak interpolation property (for n>1). The proof is similar to the one in Example 4.4.4 on p. 210.